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Globi & Energy Technology

Who is Globi?


Hello! This is Globi. 


Globi was born in Switzerland, where, through the “Globi’s World Voyage” books in which he is the main character, he educated many children and beyond, helping them understand what renewable energy and ecological practices are.

His captivating stories took young readers on adventures filled with laughter, wisdom, and important lessons about sustainability. Globi became a beloved figure, not just in Switzerland, but around the world, for his ability to make learning fun and engaging.

One day, Daniel, a passionate advocate for education and innovation, discovered Globi and the positive impact he had on children. Intrigued by the potential for Globi to inspire young minds, Daniel envisioned leveraging the character’s popularity to create an educational platform focused on renewable energy, technology, and innovation.

Recognizing the importance of educating children about these critical topics from an early age, Daniel embarked on a mission. He decided to acquire the licensing rights for Globi with the purpose of developing an educational book series. The goal was to harness Globi’s charm and educational prowess to introduce children to the exciting world of renewable energy, technology, and innovation.

With Globi as the guide, young readers were taken on a journey filled with curiosity and discovery. The stories not only sparked the imaginations of children but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment and a passion for embracing new technologies.