Globi and Energy: Globi’s Journey into the Future

Everyday life would be unimaginable without energy. From food, from the warm home to the comfortable train journey, it’s all about energy. Most of the time we are not aware of how much energy we need each day! And the mobile phone needs energy, electricity!

In the future, careful and economical use of energy will be increasingly important. Nowadays we consume energy many times without thinking, for example, when we do not turn off the electrical appliances, although we do not need them. Fortunately, appliances and devices are becoming more energy-efficient thanks to innovation, which means they need less energy for the same functions.

To protect the environment, it is important to cover our need for energy with the help of renewable energy from the sun, water, wind, and biomass. Fossil fuels – oil, coal, natural gas – are depleting resources, and the negative effects of using them are too great. Global warming can only be stopped if we use fewer fossil fuels.

Globi invites you to get involved in an exciting energy adventure. You will be amazed at how much it has to tell and what you will find out about climate change and renewable energy. Explore the future of energy with Globi!

I hope that this way Globi will make you want to become active, because only together can we reach our goal. Your involvement determines our future!

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